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31st August late afternoon

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Derek Burch
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:57 am    Post subject: 31st August late afternoon Reply with quote

We know what 34 people were doing at that mystical time (if you don't know you have never had long evenings wishing that someone else would do something on the Forum) - I was enjoying a lovely regency house in Cheltenham that we were in as part of our regular summer house exchange, and planning some beer drinking later on in the day.

What was so different that afternoon (not much for me, I am usually planning some beer drinking as the afternoon wears on, although not as a rule in such nice surroundings). What made 31st August 2009 special? The only thing that I can find that made the history books is that Walt Disney paid billions of dollars to buy a comic book publisher. Were the 34 people registered on the forum excaping from the harsh realities of what that foretold. We may never know, until the next time the Earth shifts on its axis and the Powers for Good come together on the Forum. I can hardly wait. Derek
Reformed dreamer
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Machin Man

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

1056 Byzantine Empress Theodora becomes ill, dying suddenly a few days later, without children to succeed the throne, ending the Macedonian dynasty.
1142 With the aid of Hiawatha and Deganawidah, The Great Peacemaker, the Iroquois tribes establish the Confederation of the Haudenosaunee.
1422 Henry VI, becomes King of England at the age of 9 months.
1535 Pope Paul II deposed & excommunicated King Henry VIII
1688 Death in London of John Bunyan, English author of The Pilgrim's Progress.
1772 Hurricane destroy ships off Dominica
1778 British kill 17 Stockbridge indians in the Bronx during Revolution
1803 Lewis and Clark start their expedition from Pittsburgh at 11 o clock in the morning.
1842 US Naval Observatory authorized by an act of Congress
1846 Committee established in Sydney to organise appeal for Irish famine.
1850 Calif pioneers organized at Montgomery & Clay Streets
1858 Lake Victoria, source of the Nile, discovered by John Speke - United Kingdom
1864 Atlanta Campaign-Battle of Jonesborough
1876 Ottoman sultan Murat V is deposed and succeeded by his brother Abd-ul-Hamid II.
1886 A strong earthquake rocks Charleston, SC, killing more than 100 people.
1886 Earthquake kills 100 in Charleston, South Carolina.
1886 The first major earthquake recorded in eastern US, at Charleston, SC
1887 Thomas A Edison patents Kinetoscope, (produces moving pictures)
1888 Jack the Ripper claims his first victim as the body of Mary Ann Nicholls is found in London.
1888 Mary Ann Nichols is murdered. She is the first of Jack the Ripper's known victims.
1888 North Canterbury, New Zealand a 7+ earthquake in northern Canterbury, some 100 kilometers from Christchurch, caused the partial collapse of the cathedral's spire
1902 Split skirt first worn by Mrs Adolph Landeburg (horse rider)
1907 Count Alexander Izvolsky and Sir Arthur Nicolson sign the St. Petersburg Convention, which results in the Triple Entente alliance.
1907 England, Russia & France form the Triple Entente
1914 Ecuador becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
1915 Brazil becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
1919 Communist Labor Party of America formed in Chicago
1919 Petlyura's Ukranian Army kills 35 members of a Jewish defense group
1920 First radio news program broadcast by station 8MK in Detroit, Michigan.
1920 Polish-Bolshevik War: A decisive Polish victory in the Battle of Komarw.
1935 FDR signs an act prohibiting export of US arms to belligerents
1939 Nazi Germany mounts a staged attack on Gleiwitz radio station, giving them an excuse to attack Poland the following day, starting World War II in Europe.
1940 Hollywood screen stars Lawrence Olivier and Vivian Leigh are married.
1940 The FBI created a Disaster Squad to assist civilian authorities in identifying persons who died in a Virginia plane crash. FBI personnel were among the victims.
1941 Great Gildersleeve, a spin-off of Fibber McGee & Molly debuts on NBC
1942 In Ternopil, western Ukraine, at 4.30 am, German SS organise the first deportation of Jews from Ternopil ghetto to death camp in Belzec, about 5,000 Jews were deported to face death in Belzec. When the Germans captured Ternopil, about 18,000 Jews lived in the city.
1943 The USS Harmon, the first U.S. Navy ship to be named for a black person, is commissioned.
1945 The Liberal Party of Australia is founded by Robert Menzies.
1948 Actor Robert Mitchum was arrested in a Hollywood drug raid. He would later be found guilty of criminal conspiracy to possess marijuana and was sentenced to 60 days in prison.
1950 Contingent of 80 men from First Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, leaves for the Korean War.
1950 HMAS Sydney and Tobruk sail for Korea
1954 Census Bureau established
1954 Hurricane Carol (1st major named storm) hits New England, 70 die
1954 Hurricane Carol hits New England, killing more than 60 people and causiAug 31, massive property damage.
1955 The first microwave TV station operated (Lufkin, Tx)
1955 The first sun-powered automobile demonstrated, Chicago, Ill
1957 Malaya (Malaysia) gains independence from Britain
1957 The Federation of Malaya gains its independence from the United Kingdom.
1959 Australia defeats US for tennis' Davis Cup
1960 Agricultural Hall of Fame established
1961 Number one hit on UK music charts - John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me
1962 Trinidad & Tobago gain independence from Britain
1962 Trinidad and Tobago become independent.
1963 Walter Cronkite began his stint as anchor of the CBS Evening News.
1965 House of Reps joins Senate establish Dept of Housing & Urban Develop
1965 The Aero Spacelines Super Guppy Aircraft makes its first flight.
1965 Jerry Almaroad born in Marion IL - USA
1965 Harvey Lewit is born
1968 6,000 die in 7.8 quake destroys 60,000 buildings in NE Iran
1968 Garfield Sobers becomes the first cricketer to hit 6 sixes in one over.
1968 In Iran a 7.3 earthquake was centered about 250 kilometers south of Mashhad. There were 12,000 to 20,000 deaths, many injuries, and over 60,000 homeless
1968 Private Eye magazine reports a John Lennon & Yoko Ono album will have a picture of them nude on the cover
1968 Sarena Lewit is born
1969 25,000 attend New Orleans Pop Festival
1969 Boxer Rocky Marciano dies in an airplane crash in Iowa, at age 4Aug 31,
1970 Lonnie McLucas, a Black Panther activist, convicted
1970 US defeats German FR for tennis' Davis Cup
1971 Dave Scott becomes first person to drive a car on the Moon
1972 Olga Korbut, USSR, wins olympic gold medal in gymnastics
1973 The first heavyweight championship fight in Japan (Foreman beats Roman)
1974 Number one hit on UK music charts - Osmonds - Love Me For A Reason
1977 Aleksandr Fedotov sets aircraft alt rec of 38.26 km (125,524')
1977 Ian Smith wins the Rhodesian general election with 80 per cent of the overwhelmingly white electorate's vote.
1978 Symbionese Liberation Army founders William & Emily Harris plead guilty to 1974 kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst
1978 William and Emily Harris, founders of the Symbionese Liberation Army, plead guilty to the 1974 kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst.
1979 Comet Howard-Koomur-Michels collides with the Sun
1979 Donald McHenry named to succeed Andrew Young as UN ambassador
1979 Movie actress Sally Rand dies of heart failure at age 76 in Glendora, CAug 31,
1980 Poland's Solidarity labor union founded
1980 The Gdask Agreement is signed.
1984 Pinklin Thomas defeats Tim Witherspoon for the WBC heavyweight title
1984 Leah Kathryn is born, Dayton Ohio USA
1985 Night Stalker suspect that terrorized S Calif captured in East LA
1985 Number one hit on UK music charts - UB 40 & Chrissie Hynde - I Got You Babe
1986 A private plane collides with an Aeromexico jet over Cerritos, CA, killing 82 people.Aug 31,
1986 Aeromexico jet & small plane collide kill 82
1986 Aeromxico Flight 498 collides with a Piper PA-28 over Cerritos, California, killing 67 in the air and 15 on the ground.
1986 Soviet passenger ship Adm Nakhimov, collides with a merchant vessel
1986 The Soviet passenger liner Admiral Nakhimov sinks in the Black Sea after colliding with the bulk carrier Pyotr Vasev, killing 423.
1987 Curtis Strange sets golf's earning for the year record ($697,385)
1988 5-day power blackout of downtown Seattle begins
1988 A Delta Boeing 727 crashes during takeoff from Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, killing 14 passengers.
1991 Kyrgyzstan declares its independence from the Soviet Union.
1992 Pascal Lissouba is inaugurated as the President of the Republic of the Congo .
1993 Russians pull last 500 military personnel left from cold war, out of Lithuania
1994 The Provisional Irish Republican Army declares a ceasefire.
1996 Nicolas Maldonado is born. - Colombia
1997 Birth of Mary Kathleen Miller - USA
1997 Diana, Princess of Wales, dies in a car crash in Paris.
1998 North Korea reportedly launches Kwangmyongsong, its first satellite.
1999 A Boeing 737 jet crashes during takeoff from Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing 72 people.
1999 A LAPA Boeing 737-200 crashes during takeoff from Jorge Newbury Airport in Buenos Aires, killing 65, including 2 on the ground.
1999 Detroit area teachers begin a nine-day strike, postponing the first day of school for 170,000 students.
1999 The first of a series of Russian Apartment Bombings in Moscow, killing one person and wounding 40 others.
2005 A stampede on Al-Aaimmah bridge in Baghdad kills 1,199 people.
2006 Ricky Hatton's WBA Welterweight title was vacated on this day after becoming champion on May 13, 2006
2006 Stolen on August 22, 2004, Edvard Munch's famous painting The Scream was recovered from a raid by Norwegian police. The paintings were said to be in a better-than-expected condition.
2007 Pres. Bush announces a plan to use the Federal Housing Administration, to offer government-guaranteed loans to around 80,000 homeowners in default
2009 American Airlines retires all of its Airbus A300 aircraft after flying for American Airlines for the past 21 years.
2009 Armenia and Turkey agree to establish diplomatic relations.
2009 34 Machin Collectors were all on-line, more or less at the same time.
2009 Disney reaches a deal to acquire Marvel Entertainment for US$4 billion, with Marvel shareholders being issued $30 and about 0.745 Disney shares for each share of Marvel they own.
2009 Figures from 2008 reveal Ireland has experienced its highest number of births since 1896.
2009 Iraqi officials begin negotiations with Serbia over the return of 19 MiG-21 and MiG-23 fighter jets sent to Yugoslavia in the 1980's for repairs
2009 Jason Mraz's I'm Yours becomes the longest running single in the Billboard Hot 100's history at 71 weeks on the chart.
2009 * are granted equal birth rights in England and Wales.
2009 Nigeria charges several banking executives with financial crimes discovered following the $2.6 billion bail-out of five banks.
2009 Russian forces state that they have killed an Algerian Al Qaeda operative and another militant during a raid on a house in Khasavyurt, Dagestan.
2009 Milos and Desa Pavicevich get married - USA
2010 Derek Raynor proposed to Brittany L. Maxey, she said YES!! - USA
" .... You may think you understood what you thought I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you think you heard is not what I thought I meant. .... "
Charlie Jensen
Lecanto, Florida
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Machin Man

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 12:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You need to get out
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Machin Man

Joined: 08 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

To be honest I should have provided the link to that list as I really had little to do except on entry for August 2009.
But I must have lost the URL.
" .... You may think you understood what you thought I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you think you heard is not what I thought I meant. .... "
Charlie Jensen
Lecanto, Florida
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Alex wrote:
You need to get out

Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
Multi-Media Manager
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